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The Dreadful Muffin Top

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The muffin top is an equal opportunity employer! It is something that can happen to all women. It is not caused by your body, but by poorly- fitting pants! There are many ways we can combat the muffin top without having to go on a crazy diet to lose a ton of weight.

    1. Stop Wearing Low-Rise Jeans


This was cool in the late 90’s- early ‘00s but still never looked good! Instead try wearing a high-waisted skirt with a crop top. This is a chic look with only the narrowest part of your torso showing which has an overall slimming effect..

2. Invest In Some Good High-Waisted Pants


Go for a pant with a mid to high-rise. The most flattering pants on most body types is a good pair of high waisted trousers. Whether it may be jeans, slacks, or otherwise, they should hit your natural waist line. A pair of high-waisted pants will highlight this thin part instead of cutting you off in an awkward spot. For example Style#8061 from our fall collection, is a Black knit pant that sits at the waist with a mid-rise fit. Its a great work pant and can also be used into evening.


 3. Long Blouses Are Your New Best Friends


Try a long blouse paired with your favorite pants. If for some reason your old low-rise pants are the most comfortable jeans you own, then style them properly by wearing a longer loose fitting blouse. The great thing about a long, billowy blouse is that it makes an occurrence of muffin top practically impossible, no matter what pants you're wearing! Obsessed To Dress has lots of great long tops to wear with your favorite pants. See our top Style#8048 ,which also includes the necklace pictured with it!


 4. Stretchy Denims Are Your Other New Best Friend


Another important factor to eliminating the muffin top is to not wear fabrics that severely restrict your body. Go for the denim that incorporates some elastic to add stretch. Then try paring a stretchy pair of jeans with an on-trend sweatshirt. If your jeans are stretchy enough, it does not matter what you wear on top. Just make sure they are well-fitting! Try our Dark Wash Stretch Denim Pant Style#8049 which has a higher waist with a skinny leg and great stretch fit.


5. Most Importantly: Do NOT Fear The Mirror!


Try taking an honest inventory of your outfit before you go out. The most significant step in combating the muffin top is to be honest with yourself when you look in the mirror. Ask yourself: Are my pants too tight? Do I have extra flesh hanging over the top of my waistband? These are uncomfortable questions for pretty much every woman to ask, and yet, we must ask and answer them honestly. If you honestly like what you see, then you're all set. Confidence is key; no amount of muffin top is enough to detract from an overly confident woman.  And don't forget to shop Obsessed To Dress for affordable pants, and all your wardrobe needs.

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